Friday, September 21, 2007

There Can Be Only One

After about four hours of debate we narrowed down the list of ideas to three finalists.

The Finalists
  • User Generated Fashion via Geotagging
  • The Greatest Menu Meals (Facebook app)
  • Game - Internet Scavenger Hunt
Since I proposed the game I pushed hard for it but in the end lost to, "The Greatest Menu Meals" idea. In a nutshell we're building a company that allows people to vote and search for the greatest food type by location. For example, suppose I was looking for the best rated tortilla espanola in New York, I could execute a search in the Facebook application. Additionally, users are able to vote on their favorite meal at a restaurant.

I was happy we agreed to release all the source for the application under the Apache 2.0 OSS license.

After we finalized the idea the UI team started working on the functionality specification. The technology team spent a bit of time getting organized and then called it a night.

OK, it's late and I need to spend some time thinking about the project and how we're going to design this application.

More tomorrow morning!

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