Saturday, September 22, 2007

Midnight Oil

I didn't have time to post as often as I would've liked today but such are the challenges of a Startup Weekend.

On the technology front we made a lot of progress on the Facebook, infrastructure and core development fronts. I'll give a brief overview of our status based on the areas of concentration I described in the last post.
  • Facebook research
    • Standard API - Our understanding of the core APIs is good and we tested a lot of the calls.
    • JS - The embedded Javascript functionality is fairly new to Facebook and the documentation is representative of this state but our UI group made some great progress on this front.
  • Data consolidation/management - Solid progress. Initial data schema and data access objects are in place. Spelling correction and external WS libraries are coming together.
  • Infrastructure - Our server is up and running and most of the required production software is installed. Tomorrow we need to finish the install and tune the OOTB applications.
In a nutshell... we made a lot of progress today. The application doesn't look like much right now but we have all the components in place that will let us move quickly tomorrow.

I will say... I'm sweating a bit right now but I'm confident we'll be able to pull this off.

Perhaps next weekend I'll do a one man startup weekend to measure the impact of a large group of relative strangers.

Oh... there is a logo and name for the project.

Alright... there are only a couple of hours left in the day and I have a lot to do...

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